Graham Cracker Houses

If you want to do something like gingerbread houses for a large group of kids, or just your own, a graham cracker house skips all the baking and gets to the fun part, the decorating with candy.

First, start with a cardboard base- I recommend thin cardboard from gift boxes- shirt boxes are just the right size for the template I use.  I created the template using a graham cracker as a measure for the long sides and roof, with half a graham cracker for the short sides.

Use your scissors to crease the folds, then tape the house together.  Regular tape will work, packing tape is better.

Plan ahead- for each house you will need at least 6 graham crackers.  For the group you will need cans of frosting, squeeze tubes of frosting, an assortment of candy, dinner knives for spreading, bowls and plates for keeping supplies organized, and some napkins for clean-up.

Some good things to get- pull and peel Twizzlers, Fruit Loops, Smarties, and gum drops.

Now assemble your house- use the frosting like spackle and paste on the walls and roof.  Snap a graham cracker in half to do the short sides.  There will be a uncovered portion- allow your artist to choose how to fill it in, either with broken graham crackers or some kind of frosting and candy combination.

Step back and let your artists amaze you with their creativity!