I made a scarf for my daughter, using cotton yarn.

The pattern was extremely simple and looks great.

Cast on 30 stitches (or odd number to suit what width you want) knit the first row. Start the pattern:

Row 1- slip first stitch,* yarn over, knit two together * repeat to last stitch, knit

Row 2- slip first stitch, purl

Repeat pattern until it’s the length you want, to finish, knit a plain row and bind off.









Knitting is very soothing. It is something between meditation and fiddling with your hands.  I was stuck in the Dulles airport for a day and a half, and having knitting with me kept me sane, kept me watching the riot forming at the ticket counter with quiet amusement.  These mittens are for my 2 year old.  I did them on two needles, because I have a hard time with double-pointed needles.  I also journaled about my trip, drew pictures of costumes I wanted to make and strategized how I could get my entire family including my parents to come to this same science fiction convention next year.  I had it so worked out that I was surprised when my Mother didn’t seem as enthusiastic as I had imagined.

You can be creative anywhere.  All you need is time and thought.  Yarn helps too.