Ravelry review

This week I investigated Ravelry.  This is an online social network for knitters and crocheters (is that a word? it doesn’t look right- people who crochet, let me know what the right term is!).  It’s also a way of organizing your yarn hobby.  You can make an inventory of your yarn, make a queue of projects you would like to do and keep track of the patterns you have.

The social aspect of the site is impressive as well, though I have yet to dip my toe in.  There are groups you can join, you can show off pictures of your projects, comment on other people’s projects and participate in forums.  You can search thousands of patterns, some free for download, others for sale, and even more out of pattern books.  I found a great pattern for a dragon that was in a library book, one I would not have taken out from the cover.

So far I am very impressed by their site.  They have a help page that includes a video introduction to the site and mini lessons in doing different things.  You do have to sign up to use the site, but there is no charge for use.  If you are a pattern designer, I think you can sell your patterns on this site- please check with the site to confirm.  I am encouraged and inspired to knit more after exploring Ravelry.  I just finished a hat for my son and now I’m challenging myself with a project I’ve never done before, using fine yarn instead of my usual thick acrylic.


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