I have written another novel!  Once again, the experience was amazing.  Writing with other people, having a crazy deadline and no lofty goals when I complete was just what I needed.  I came up with weird plot twists and strange characters doing unexpected things, because I let go.  When I try to control everything in my writing, I end up with tight, bland stories in a white room.  I need to do this more than once a year.  In some aspects that is.  I need to connect with fellow writers, I need to set crazy goals for myself, I need to let go of my inner critic and just run with it.

That being said, I sent myself an auto-reminder message for next November saying “don’t do it.”  Yes it is fun, but I need to find other ways to channel my creativity and drive.  I need to spread out my productivity over the year.  I need to write every day, not save it for one month in the year.  I will continue to support everyone participating, but set a different goal for myself.  Now, to catch up on a month’s worth of lost sleep!



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