Creativity without “purpose”

Sometimes I struggle with myself about creative endeavors.  Writing in hopes of publication, crafting useful items and hand made presents, that is acceptable, but playing around creatively?  I shouldn’t, some boring old practical part of me says. I’ve convinced that inner editor that this blog is a practical thing to set up my platform as a writer, never mind that no one is going to read it.

Yesterday I took a list of all my friends on Facebook and gave them all their own theme songs.  I actually took a few days, grabbing a few minutes here and there, on this project, listening to songs, thinking about how I felt about each person.  I found the songs that represented them in my mind at the present moment.  I took into consideration the type of music, the lyrics and the associations I had with the songs.  There were a few where I realized that I really didn’t know much about the person at all, and had to fudge a little.  It helped me see who was on my list.  Everybody “made the cut”, though.  All that were on the list were either people I knew well or wanted to know better.  So even though this will never gain me fame, it was not purposeless.  I need to open myself up for creative play, it will always have benefit, even though it might not be obvious.  Creative play is good for mental health.


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